We left Catania at about 3pm local time – a bit early, since we didn’t really have a chance to see the city itself, but after a while it became clear: this time allowed us to go through the Strait of Messina while it was still sunlight.  A bonus was a 10pm sail-by yet another volcano: Stromboli.

The sky was overcast, but an occasional lightning bolt in the distance outlined the shape of Stromboli.  At first there wasn’t much to see, but once we could see the northern side of the volcano, a red glow lit up the sky.  Passengers were lined up against the railing with cameras, full of anticipation. 

And then the fireworks started: Stromboli spit out some lava, or so it seemed, with red skies flaring up!  How we appreciated this show by Mother Nature.  It reminded me of sailing past Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii on a Hawaiian cruise we took on NCL America a few years ago.  Although some of my friends raved about their volcano show on another Hawaiian cruise, our display seemed to be not much more than the brake lights of a Chevy parked on the mountain. 

Fortunately, Stromboli obliged with a better show!

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